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Simple Example Using GBR2TIFF.EXE

To get started we will show how to run the rasterizer using the command line program, gbr2tiff.exe, provided by Artwork. A very small Gerber file (test2.gbr) will be rasterized at 300 DPI resolution.

  gbrvu of test2.gbr

Open a command prompt (DOS) and go the the \wcad\gbrip\EXAMPLES directory. Then type at the command line:

      ..\gbr2tiff.exe test2.gbr -274x -inch -aw -dpi:300 -bmp:test2.bmp 


 ..\gbr2tiff                     the gbr2tiff program

 test2.gbr                       the Gerber file to be ripped

 -274x                           tells gbr2tiff that this file is a 274X file

 -inch                           tells gbr2tiff input file is in inches

 -aw                             tells gbr2tiff to compute data window automatically

 -dpi:300                        sets bitmap resolution = 300 DPI

 -bmp:test2.bmp                  sets output format to .bmp and output file to test2.bmp

In less than a second the program should be complete. open the EXAMPLES directory and find the file called test2.bmp. Open it with MS Paint (or other tool that can display .bmp files) The results should look similar to what the GBRVU program displays.

  bitmap display in MS Paint

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