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IPC2581 to Gerber Revision History

This page contains the summary of ipc2gbr release dates, versions and changes/fixes made for that release.

Version 2.08    4/7/2014

Upgrades and Bug fixes

Added softkey support.
Fixed a bug that causes some files with a large number of vertex count to crash during translation.

Version 2.07    10/17/2013

Upgrades and Bug fixes

The following fixes and updates have been implemented:
Fixed paint and scratch bug for GDS/OAS output.
The modules in this package have been updated to VS2008 compile
Added VC Redistributables in the install

Version 2.02    September 21,2012

Misc bug fixes

Here are the fixes done in this release.

  • Fixed Windows XP 64bit conversion failure.
  • Fixed a bug in reading component file that references an empty attribute text string, it is now set to NIL if the attribute text string is empty.

  • Version 2.00    June 22,2012

    Incorrect drawing of user defined symbols

    Fixed a bug in drawing user defined symbols that overlap. This bug was caused by layer optimization, the order of scratch and paint data were incorrectly drawn.


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