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GBR2MIC's intermediate files - Artwork will re-write the input Gerber file if:

  • we encounter a possible overflow problem during scanning (usually associated with FMT statements greater than 3.5 or 2.6).
  • There are multiple aperture definitions in the Gerber file. For example, a Gerber file with multiple %FS statements and multiple sections where %AD (aperture definitions) occur.


    micplot and stplot Commands

    The Mycronic software utilities are located in the /usr/u folder.

    When getting a new license file, go to the /usr/u/param folder and place the new codes in the file

    If it is a first time installation, run the command ./licence install.
    To check if the license are active after updating the license file, you can run the command ./licence list.

    Once the license file is up, you can use the Mycronic software utilities which are located in the /usr/u/bin folder.
    To view an LA file generated by Artwork gbr2mic tool, run the command /usr/u/bin/micplot

    To convert an LA file to an ST file, you can use the utility we wrote:

    This will create a Mycronic ST file which you can then view with the command:

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