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ODB_RIP Command Line Arguments

The ODB_RIP library can be executed from a command line application for simple OEM integration or for testing prior to writing your own calling application. The ODB++ Rip command line argument is as follows.


odb_path points either to a name of a .tgz file or to the directory name 
where the ODB directory structure starts if it has already been uncompressed.

work_path points to a directory where temporary files will be stored

outdir points to a directory where the output bitmaps will be written

OPT_ARGS - Optional Arguments

-extents:LLx,LLy,URx,URy             (extents of the incoming data to plot)


-extents:path\filename               a path/filename containing a list of windows.
                                     Each line contains the LLx,LLy,URx,URy of
                                     the window to be rasterized.

-mirrorx                             mirror along X axis
-mirrory                             mirror along Y axis
-scale:xval[,yval]                   scale input data
-degrees:90|180|270|-90|-180|-270    rotate 
-margin:UU                           a margin for RIP window
-complement                          reverses the polarity of the bitmap 
-bmp                                 create BMP output - File name based on 
                                     layer name. Default is compressed TIFF

-log                                 Enable log file
-dbg                                 Enable debug in the log file
-keep_temp_files                     Keep temporary files
-thrnum:int_val                      Max thread number

Special Options for Emulation
-out_scale:DEFAULT|SF|SCALE|LOCAL    out_scale mode if g2k_ver is 0
-unit:MM|INCH                        output unit
-g2k_ver:0|1|2|3                     emulation version
-g2k_order:0|1                       translation order
-g2k_break_sr:0|1|2                  break SR on or off
-g2k_scale_mode:1|2|3                scaling mode
-g2k_anchor:0|1|2|3                  anchor mode
-g2k_inch_anchor:xval,yval           anchor inch value
-g2k_mm_anchor:xval,yval             anchor mm value
-g2k_offset:0|1|2|3|4|5              offset mode
-g2k_inch_offset:xval,yval           offset inch value
-g2k_mm_offset:xval,yval             offset mm value

Command line with job file

The executable also accepts the following command-line format:

odbrip_cmdline.exe "-jobfile:job_path"

where job_path is a text file that contains the following arguments (multiple jobs can be in the same jobfile):


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