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The ODB_RIP rasterizer library was designed as an OEM application for equipment manufacturers that wish to support ODB++ for the purposes of imaging or inspection.

The ODB++ database can contain the complete set of information needed to manufacture a board but this converter is concerned only with the actual layer information and plotting controls embedded into the ODB++ database.

ODB RIP Program Flow


View/Select Step/Layers

The library enables the client to view the steps and the layers in the file that can be selected for rasterizing.

ODB++ Plot Controls

The ODB++ file can contain many specific plotter controls which can be read and applied to the output.

New Multi Window Optimization

A new optional module, multi-window, optimizes the speed with which a large number of small windows can be rasterized ...


Raster Parameters

The client controls the rasterization parameters including DPI, memory usage, orientation and banding.

Window and Transformation

The client defines the window to rasterize and can apply transformstions such as rotation, mirroring and scaling.

Programmer's Corner

The ODB_RIP converter is supplied as a DLL for incorporation into other application software. If you are going to integrate the library with your code the following resources will be helpful. Artwork provides a sample program for using the library in both binary and source code format (see the src section in the release.)

odb_rip programmatic flow

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