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ODB RIP Revision History

This page contains the summary of ODBRIP release dates, versions and changes/fixes made for that release.

Version 1.47    02/02/2018

Fixed Multiple-Layer License Bug

Modified the behavior of the licensing module which was causing a problem when converting multiple layers.

Detecting Layer Type

Fixed layer type issue where the GUI tags a layer as type rout instead of drill.

Memory Leak Bug

Fixed a memory leak bug in the gbrplt library when using multiple threads.

Command Line

Added command line sample code in the package.

Version 1.46    11/13/2017

Licensing Fix

Fixed licensing issue that fails on greyscale when multi window license is available.

Version 1.45    7/21/2016

Fix Program Crash

Fixed a bug that returns an error when ripping ODB++ file while unit is set to MM.

Version 1.44    4/30/2016

Large BMP File

Catch image size problem (for input producing > 4GB output) before rasterizing data.

Version 1.42    4/1/2016

Software Updates

Added support for extents delimited with spaces and/or commas.
Fixed issue with arcs.
In the GUI, running multi-window with reuse will use the previous loaded DB if everything else is the same (step, layer, unit etc) for faster rip.

Version 1.41    3/24/2016

New 64 bit

New 64 bit version is now available.

New Multi window

New feature to quickly convert many windows from the ODB++ file to TIFF/BMP output.
Command line arguments for multi window is -extents:[fullpath file] or -extents:[minx,miny,maxx,maxy] multiple times

Version 1.40    12/2/2015

Software Updates

Updated boolean with speed improvement.
Updated tiff_cmp (bug fix and enable square draws).

Version 1.39    9/10/2015

Software Update

Fixed the issue where square/round draws are output with varying pixel width.

Version 1.38    8/2/2015

Polygon Patching

Removed the path patched on polygons.

Bug Fix - Arc

Fixed a bug where an arc is converted into a straight line.

Bug Fix - outscale not applied to text

Fixed a bug where the ODB++ outscale parameter was not being applied to text.

Version 1.37b    6/22/2015

Missing pads

Fixed the issue of missing rounded rectangle pads.

Version 1.37a    6/9/2015

Failure with thin polygons

Fixed boolean module which causes a failure when converting a very thin polygon..

Version 1.37    6/9/2015

Missing Round Rectangular Pads

Fixed the issue of missing rounded rectangle pads..

Version 1.36    12/19/2014

gdsx2gbr library fix

Updated gdsx2gbr library: Fixed a bug that causes data to be drawn with an incorrect polarity when a text inside a symbol is present.

Version 1.35    6/6/2014

odb2gdx library fix

Fixed a bug that causes files with a large number of vertex count to crash during translation.

gbrplt library fix

Fixed a bug in the buffer reading module where the last character in the buffer was dropped before refreshing the read buffer.

Version 1.34    10/16/2013

Memory allocation error

Fixed the ODBRIP crash with high resolution output. This was caused by a memory allocation error in one of the modules. VS2008 compile

Most of the modules in this package have been updated to VS2008 compile.
Added VC Redistributables in the install.

Version 1.33    2/25/2013

TIFF Header

Fixed the DPI value in the TIF header file.

Version 1.32    1/7/2013

Software Update

Fixed the conversion failure when running odbrip_test_pb01.bat and odbrip_test_pb02.bat. We added code to recognize and convert "round" surfaces to circles. This decreases the size of the file to load and prevents loading failure.
The only solution for odbrip_test_fc01.bat and odbrip_test_fc02.bat is to use a smaller raster buffer (128).

Version 1.31    12/7/2012

Several Software Updates

Fixed the following issues:
Fixed character size issue (06_20121025) where the output text size is larger than what is shown in valor.
Fixed barcode size issue (01_20120607) where the output barcode size differs from valor.

Polygon Draw

Fixed polygon draw issue (09_20121026) where a polygon was dropped from the output file. This was caused by a bug in converting polygons with holes bigger than islands.

Version 1.30    11/26/2012

Line Width

Fixed line width issue (07_20121025) where the center line width in the window is thicker. This was caused by a bug in placing a negative pad in the wrong order.

Dynamic Text

Fixed dynamic text issue (08_20121026) where a dynamic attribute text was not converted. This was caused by a bug in converting system attribute texts.
Fixed dynamic text issue (10_%) where an attribute text that has a "%" character was dropped. This was caused by a bug in reading the value of attributes with "%".

Polygon Draw

Fixed polygon draw issue (09_20121026) where a polygon was dropped from the output file. This was caused by a bug in converting polygons with holes bigger than islands.

Version 1.29    10/18/2012

Layer count

Fixed the memory issue caused by high layer/SR count:
Increased the layer limit from 64K to 96K.
Applied memory optimization used for high layer count to high SR count.
Reduced the layer count of the intermediate file.

Version 1.28    9/15/2012

Bug fix for arc

Fixed a bug where the rasterizer incompletely renders the end of an arc with width (circular data trace) in the presence of 90 degree rotation and mirror in X.

Version 1.27    9/7/2012

Bug fix for arc

Fixed several arc issues:
connection between an arc and a line is not smooth.
a tail is drawn at the end of an arc.
a misplaced ball appears at the end of an arc.

Windows XP

Fixed Windows XP 64bit conversion failure.

Zip ODB++ input

Added support for zipped ODB++ input.

Version 1.26    7/3/2012

Bug fix for line using custom symbols

Fixed the line draw issue caused by drawing a line using custom symbols with negative and positive pads. This is fixed by drawing the line using the custom symbol's pads alternately.

Dynamic text issue

Fixed the dynamic text that was not translated. This is caused by the translator expecting an attrlist file from a step which did not exist.

Version 1.25    6/22/2012

Incorrect Rendering of circular data trace

This version fixes an issue where the rasterizer incompletely renders the end of a arc with width (circular data trace) in the presence of 90 degree rotation (but not -90 degrees). This issue was manifest only in SR'd data for some user specified windows and the entire image. The problem was related to aliasing issues when mapping real world coordinates to raster data. This aliasing issue was addressed, specifically the arc start and end points and there corresponding angles were adjusted in the presence of aliasing.

Version 1.24    6/18/2012

Incorrect processing of custom flash

The issue of an incorrectly drawn ODB++ custom flash is now fixed. This issue was caused by a bug in layer count optimization.

Version 1.23    6/06/2012

Support for line draws using symbols

Added support of line draws using symbols other than round or square.

Version 1.22    5/09/2012

Barcode support

Improved barcode support.

Polarity issue

Fixed the polarity issue where the polarity of a negative symbol nested inside another negative symbol is not generated properly.

Version 1.20    4/15/2012

Barcode support

Added barcode support.

Location of Intermediate files

Intermediate files will be created in the working directory.
If -reuse, a new file (step_name.txt) in the working directory will specify the intermediate files' full path.

Version 1.20    4/15/2012

Drawing polarity

Fixed the drawing polarity issue where negative data was drawn as positive.

Version 1.19    4/6/2012

Read only compressed files

Fixed the read only issue where ODBRIP fails to open ODB input with read only compressed files.

Version 1.18    4/2/2012

Week number

Fixed the week number issue where the RIP output week number differs from VUV.

Dynamic text

Fixed the dynamic text issue where the RIP output for layers specified as lowercase is different if the layer is specified in uppercase.

Window issue

Fixed the window issue where the RIP output is empty if the specified window crosses the polygon.

Version 1.17a    3/17/2012

Reverse Image Issue

This version fixes gbr2tiff executable which had problem with the reversed image for single layer grey level output.

Version 1.17    3/13/2012

Improved Image Position

This version has improved image position and size for greylevel and monochrome.

Complex macro

A complex macro with paint and scratch was incorrectly booleanized: a new version of BoolDll.DLL was required.

Rectangular Draw

A large ground plane made of up rectangular (not square) draws was not rendered correctly when 90 degree rotation was applied.

Version 1.16    3/3/2012

New command line options

Added the optional argument "-dpm" for the command-line executable.
Added the optional argument "-reuse" which:
on first run, it saves the intermediate files and logs the arguments used.
on succeeding runs, it reuses the intermediate files if the conversion arguments are the same as the previous run (differing DPI argument will cause a complete regeneration of intermediate files while differing windows will not).

Speed up

The greylevel mode has been speeded up.

Version 1.15    2/10/2012


ODBRIP transformations are now the same as GBRIP.

Version 1.14    2/8/2012

One layer with -greylevel

This package allows one layer input with -greylevel.

Version 1.13    1/27/2012

Status dialogs

This package suppresses all the status dialogs if -show_progress is not specified.

Version 1.12    1/26/2012

Window argument

Fixed the window issue where ODBRIP does not use the window argument when output is greylevel.

Version 1.11    1/24/2012

Extend calculation

Fixed extent issue where some extents are not calculated correctly causing a couple pixel narrower/shorter output.

Crash due to apertures

Fixed aperture issue causing crash.

Version 1.10    1/23/2012

ODB++ file with 40000 layers

The new version supports up to 64000 internal layers.

Version 1.09    1/18/2012

margin option

The margin option is now supported.
There is also a new dll/lib/header.

Version 1.08    1/9/2012

Non banding output

The non-greyscale output is no longer banded and a whole file is created instead. The band name option is removed and the output is named after the layer that was ripped.

greyscale output

Greyscale option is added to the GUI and command-line executable.
For the GUI, check the greyscale checkbox in the main dialog and set the layers and options in the greyscale settings tab of the advanced dialog.
For the command line, please use the arguments -greyscale:Lo,Hi,Drill, -out:outbasename, -super:2|4|8|16, and step:step,layer1,layer2.

Version 1.07    12/21/2011

New option "-nocopyin

Added an option "-nocopyin" to avoid making a copy of the input ODB++ directory. The input's subfolders and files must be writable. The option can be used in the commandline, library or GUI. It must be noted that when using this option, the input ODB++ directory will be modified directly by the program.

Rip failure on small files

Fixed rip failure on very small ODB++ input ran with a small DPI.

Unit default

Default is inch if no unit is specified in the command line or library.

Single band outputn

A single band is created if the input ODB++ is small.

Version 1.06    12/16/2011

ODBRIP now uses Gerber flow

ODBRIP now uses Gerber flow (speed improvement).

Header file iodbriplib.h

The header file iodbriplib.h has changed:
Some error codes are removed and some are added (please see header file).
sIMAGEDESC members have changed (used in getting image information).
ODB_RipExit() and ODB_RipCancel no longer returns a value.
ODB_RipSetup optional arguments for rip has changed (please see header file).
A new function ODB_RipCleanup() has been added and must be called when rip is finished.
ODB_RipStart requires a buffer size parameter (please see header file).
ODB_RipWaitForBand has a different set of return values (please see header file).
Functions ODB_RipGetRipStatus and ODB_RipGetNumberOfBands no longer exist.
ODB_RipGetRipImage does not accept buffer as argument. The buffer specified in ODB_RipStart is used.

Other changes

The library odbriplib.lib has changed. Please use the current library and header file included in the package in your own program.
The set of DLLs have changed, please use the files at $INSTALL_DIR/src/bin

Version 1.05    11/24/2011

BMP Output

Added the command line executable in the package. The default output of the command line is TIFF, to output BMP please specify the optional argument "-bmp".

Speed improvement

Speed improvement on ODB++ input with complicated surfaces of up to 60x.

Blank window output

Fixed a bug that results in blank areas with window clip.

Version 1.04    11/1/2011

Bug fixes

A few problems were fixed in this release.

  • Fixed bug in setting the units (unit changes were applied on ODB_RipOpen instead of ODB_RipSetup). NOTE: Please pass the -units argument into the odb option of ODB_RipSetup.
  • Rotation is applied before mirror.
  • Smoothness is improved for arcs and circles.
  • Window option is in the output units specified.

  • Version 1.03    October 25,2011

    Bug fixes

    A few problems were fixed in this release.

  • Uses userattr file to interpret attributes.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Fixed handle leaks.
  • Uses boolw64f if on a 64bit platform.

  • Version 1.02    September 12,2011

    Long path

    Fixed long path issue caused by a bug in parsing the executable path.

    Missing profile files

    ODBRIP will no longer cause an error if a step is missing a profile.

    Missing layer folder

    ODBRIP will no longer cause an error if a step is missing a layer folder from the "layers" folder.

    Missing misc folder

    ODBRIP will no longer cause an error when there is a missing misc folder.

    Narrow image

    Fixed the crash for p24, p40, p54, p64 which is caused by a very narrow resulting image. An error will be returned if the resulting image is going to be too narrow.

    Version 1.01    August 31,2011


    This version supports USB key as well as HASP keys.


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