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Windowing and Transformation

The ODB_Rip has the ability to apply both windowing and transformations to the input data.


When the step to rasterize has been selected, the library generates a computes a bounding box for the input data based on the profile associated with that step. Note that when opening the ODB++ file, the function returns the extents box for each of the steps found in the ODB++ file.

However using the -extents argument in the setup function allows the calling program to define a different data window as shown below:


Mirroring and Rotation

Once the extents are known (whether computed from the profile or specified in the setup function) it is then possible to apply scaling, rotation and mirroring to the selected window. Note that all transformations are applied using the center of the window as a reference point.


It is possible to perform scaling independently in X and Y if this is required.

Only after all the transformations are applied are the bands defined.

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