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Smart Die is an AutoCAD plug-in that was developed for package designers who need to extract pad coordinates from a GDSII stream file supplied by the IC designer. SmartDie does this in literally seconds - the package designer needs only to know the layer on which the pad ring is located.

Handling Big Layouts

Smart Die first calls the GDSFILT program which extracts and flattens any data on the layer specified by the package engineer. It can reduce a 300 MB GDSII file to a 50Kb one in seconds. The pad ring layer is then automatically converted into a DXF file by the GDS2DXF program and directly imported into AutoCAD.

Pad Recognition

Once in AutoCAD a die pad recognition routine finds all of the die pads, their center coordinates and their size and shape. The user specifies pad # 1 and the direction to number the pads. Smart Die automatically numbers each pad.

Smart Die Flow Chart

The data is then exported either as an AIF file or as a user defined netlist.

You can use the output to either drive programs such as Artwork's Wirebond or as input to package design software from Avanti, Cadence, PADS and Zuken.

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