Wirebond Revision History

ACSLIB 3.46, WireBond 2.56 5/27/2017

AutoCAD 2017/2018 64 bit support

New versions of ACSLIB and Wirebond with support for AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD2018.
These versions make use of 32/64 bit registry hives and break out HKLM from HKCU for install settings/user settings.

ACSLIB 3.43, WireBond 2.55 3/15/2017

AutoCAD 2017 64 bit support

New versions of ACSLIB and Wirebond with support for AutoCAD 2017.

Wirebond 2.54 /ACSLIB 3.42 February 4,2015

New Install

New Installer for ACSLIB and Wirebond.

ACSLIB 3.41 12/19/2014

SmartWire Update

The update to ACSLIB accounted for differences in how VB.NET behaved for 32 bit and 64 bit applications. The library has been adjusted to take these differences into account. The problem corrected was related to die pads that should have been wire bonded but which were incorrectly skipped.

Wirebond 2.53/ACSLIB 3.40 12/19/2014

SmartWire Update

This version has a change to the SmartWire program to improve bonding to rings when the ray from the die pad crosses many segments of the ring. The new algorithm sorts the intersections and bonds between the second and first. This should always be the closest piece of ring segment to the die pad.

Wirebond 2.53/ACSLIB 3.34 June 3,2014

NetOut Update

This version fixes the Netout problem reported by SMSC.

Wirebond 2.53/ACSLIB 3.32 February 4,2014

Various Updates

All installers have consistent version labeling in the splash screen and all installers have the new, smaller window size.

Other updates include:

  • Modified tec file to support DIE_SNAP and FINGER_SNAP parameters.
  • New NetOut using new snap parameters.
  • New NCOut with snap parameters added to GUI.

  • Wirebond 2.51/ACSLIB 3.23 May 12,2011

    ACSLIB 3.23 for 64 bit

    The 64 bit ACS library couldn't handle AutoCAD drawing files that were tagged with older version of AutoCAD.

    Wirebond 2.51/ACSLIB 3.17 August 13,2010


    A problem with the WireDRC module was reported on a file with 3 dies. Problem was fixed.


    A problem with the NetOut module was reported and fixed.

    Wirebond 2.48/ACSLIB 3.03 Dec 9, 2009


    Various library updates unrelated to Wirebond. The most relevant one updates the tagger BFMATCH routine for a new style package. [needed by Altera]

    Wirebond 2.48/ACSLIB 2.87 March 20, 2009

    Connect List

    Connection list supports NC, -, and N/C for no connect.

    Fixed Die Text Bug

    In order to support a new connection list parser (one that allows supplying connection of a die pad to a finger using a net name) the smartwire routine renamed the power/ground nets on the die pads to match those on the fingers. However it left both names on the die pad. This has been fixed.

    Crossing Wires

    The smart die routine was generating a lot of crossing wires on some layouts due to an optmization routine that should not have been applied under these conditions. That optimization routine has been removed.

    Wirebond 2.47/ACSLIB 2.70 May 14, 2008

    DieIn Added Intelligence

    DieIn now tags the diepad/net text labels separately from the block attributes with xdata. This enables the DPNum routine to correctly update these text labels when die pad block insertion attribute data changes.

    No Connection Routine for MCMs

    The No Connection routine (NCOUT) now checks for die-die connections and will no longer incorrectly flag such bonds as not connected. Reported by Unisem.

    Improvements in Pad Transfer

    Pad Transfer GUI now adds independent snap radius for source and target blocks. This addresses the problem where the snap radius on the finger side needs to be larger than the die spacing.

    Document Annotation

    Document Setup now immediately inserts Extract variable values into the template if the document template label is of the form 1_$<variable>, A_$<variable> or N_$<variable>. This also applies to 1_$#, A_$# and N_$# which can be used to automatically generate page numbers.

    Wirebond 2.47/ACSLIB 2.69 March 31, 2008

    MCM Modify Project

    Modify Project did not work entirely correct for MCM designs. This has been fixed.

    Pad Transfer Updated

    Pad Transfer has been updated to better support MCM designs and mutliple bonds. Reported by Unisem.

    Wirebond 2.47/ACSLIB 2.65 Feb 20, 2008

    MCM Enhancement

    Enables users to move and rotate each die independently. Prior to this no rotation was functional. Reported by Unisem.

    Wirebond 2.47/ACSLIB 2.59 August 16, 2006

    New Release for AutoCAD 2007

    With the release of AutoCAD 2007 many internal changes were made to AutoCAD's API requiring us to rewrite much of the interface code. This release supports AutoCAD 2007 (previous releases will not install nor run in AutoCAD 2007)

    ACSLIB 2.58 March 26, 2006

    downbond corner bunching

    downbonds in the corner of the package often were bunched together. A new algorithm has been implemented in ACSLIB 2.58 to correct this.

    Visual Basic Dialog Option Button Black

    an update has addressed user problem reported with a black option button on Windows XP.

    ACSLIB 2.56 May 13, 2005

    Update for FlexNode Licensing

    the gdsfilt and gds2dxf modules used in the GDSII Import were updated to fully support FlexLM node locking. Prior to this the older modules first checked for a floating network license.

    ACSLIB 2.47/Wirebond 2.42 May 19, 2004

    Die Logo and Fiducials

    From the DIE CLEAN module the user can now select zero width closed polylines to be marked as die logo entities. These will be removed as die pads and will be output to AIF under the [DIE LOGO] section. Wirebond and Bondgen support DIE LOGO and will draw them when importing an AIF file. (Requested by Altera)

    NetOut modified to create Connection List

    The NETOUT module can produce a connection list style table (user should be sure to select as fingers the blocks created as ring attaches by SMART WIRE. (Requested by Altera ...)

    SmartWire reports commands/rules that cannot be completed

    The smart wire module now reports any rules that cannot be implemented because the specified die pad, finger or ring does not exist or was not accessible. This is helpful to the assembly engineer who is now warned that not all of the specified connections could be made. (Requested by Altera)

    ACSLIB 2.34/Wirebond 2.38 Nov. 18, 2003

    Updated the licensing to support flexlm node locked to both ethernet address and disk volume serial number.

    ACSLIB 222 April 1, 2003

    The 222 version of ACSLIB has the following impact on the Wirebond Program:

    GDSII Import/Die Clean

    The GDSII import routine has been updated to allow users to specify the die extents using corner data and to better preserve the outline position with respect to the die pads. This was intended to support die whose pads are not symmetric with respect to the die outline.

    Net Assignments from Text

    The net assignment tool supports data that has a large number of text entities (such as you would have from a file annotated for LVC). This routine enables the program to clean away text entities that do not fall under a die pad.

    Bondfinger Numbering

    A flaw was found in the bond finger numbering routine that under some conditions would cause it to lock up. This has been fixed. (Reported by Amkor )

    Wirebond 2.21 Dec 15, 2000

    uses the ACSLIB 1.50 Libraries

    Pad Pitch and Opening
    The DieIn routine automatically calculates and extracts the minimum die pad pitch and opening. The results can be accessed from the Extract module.

    Marking No-Connect Die Pads
    This new module marks no-connect die pads and bond fingers. In addition to marking the no-connects on the drawing, a list of the no connect die pads and fingers is written to a file so that it can be incoporated into documentation.

    Documentation Module - Sheet Setup
    Users have asked if the layer to sheet settings in the documentation module could be read from a file. You can now update your tec file to include a section that will do that:

    ;SHEET=LAYER_1, LAYER_2 ....
    Smart Wire Enhancement
    Downbonds which can not be bonded because of geometric constraints are now marked in the drawing. Previously you only got a message that a certain number of bonds could not be placed but no indication of where these problems occurred.

    Wirebond 2.15 July 19, 2000

    requires ACSLIB 1.41

    Wirebond 2.13 May 23, 2000

    requires ACSLIB 1.38

    ACAD 2000 Bug fix

    The Documentation module did not correctly support MTEXT in AutoCAD 2000. This has been fixed.

    Smart Wire Error Checking
    Additional checks on the input data were added to Smart Wire to reduce crashes on bad data.

    Paddle Downbond Markers and OLP
    Moved to their own layer so that the OLP module does not delete them from the Wire layer.

    Wirebond 2.13 May 18, 2000

    requires ACSLIB 1.37

    Improved Install
    Greatly improved the install script to check for registry, previous versions, proper location of AutoCAD files and directories.

    Wirebond 2.12 May 15, 2000

    requires ACSLIB 1.36

    Added Netlist Output
    Added the ability to write out a netlist or AIF file based on the wiring. This cannot account for downbonds however.

    Wirebond 2.11 May 8, 2000

    requires ACSLIB 1.35

    Downbond Markers
    Added support to place markers at the end of wires that are downbonded to paddles or rings. User can select size, type and color of the marker.

    Smart Wire Settings
    Added the control - must bond - to Smart Wire. When used, it tells Smart wire that this particular die pad or net must be wirebonded.

    Saved Settings in Registry
    Dialog box values are now read from the registry so that the previously used value is the default.

    Colored Wire Options
    Added an AIF section called [COLORS] that allows the user to specify colors for certain nets. Wirebond will draw the wires on that net in the specified color. MTEXT in Documentation
    The documentation module now can update MTEXT so if the user wants a long list of data (such as ball pads connected to ground) he can set up the variable using MTEXT and the list will word wrap.

    Added support for comments in connection list
    The user can now add comment lines to a connection list. They must have a semicolon (;) in the first column of the line.

    Wirebond 2.10 April 7, 2000

    requires ACSLIB 1.33

    Documentation Sheet Viewer Added
    Added a documentation function called sheet view that enables the user to quickly turn on/off the sheets (which are combinations of AutoCAD layers...)

    WireDRC Report
    Fixed a problem where file names with spaces were not properly sent to Wordpad.

    Smart Wire Fix
    The order of numbers in Smart wire is now numerically sorted instead of alphabetically sorted.

    Connection List
    Added support for no-connects and for finger to paddle connections.

    Wirebond 2.08 March 14, 2000

    requires ACSLIB 1.31

    New Documentation Module
    Added the new documentation module that scans the drawing template and builds the menu on-the-fly. This is now in sync with Bondgen and the two programs will share an identical documentation module.

    Wirebond 2.07 Feb 16, 2000

    Many fixes that were actually put in place using ACSLIB 1.30.
    See below.

    ACSLIB 1.30 Feb 16, 2000

    Quite a few improvements and several bug fixes are included in ACSLIB 1.30. Should be loaded with Tagger 1.02, Bondgen 1.13 and Wirebond 2.07

    Detect Second AutoCAD Running
    Two sessions of AutoCAD cannot be run simultaneously. Previous versions would generate an unclear error message. Now we detect the second session of AutoCAD and asks the user to close it.

    Improved Bond Finger Numbering
    Updated the bond finger numbering routine to take into account the rotation of the bond finger. This numbers staggered fingers per the industry standard. (Affects Wirebond, Tagger and Bondgen).

    Fixed Text Labeling Problems
    Corrected a text label position problem that occurred in Bondgen when an oblong or rectangular bondfinger padstack was defined with X > Y. (Affects both Bondgen and Wirebond)

    Added Support for Wire Diameter
    A new field in the AIF file for wire diameter was implemented. A bug in the scaling was corrected.

    ACSLIB 1.24 Jan 20, 2000

    ACSLIB 1.24 adds features to Wirebond 2.04
    The following enhancements to Wirebond 2.04 were made by updating the ACSLIB file. You should load ACSLIB 1.24 if you are running Wirebond.

    Relax net name checking when reading AIF file
    As we are not importing AIF generated by ImportGDS/DieClean into other CAD systems there is no need to restrict the netnames. We've disabled the net name restrictions.

    Check for solid lines and see if it can be set in SYSTEM variables
    If AutoCAD's default line setting for new layers was set to something other than continuous (such as dashed) the fence created by Tagger would not generate the correct intersections as it crossed fingers resulting in bad tagging. We've updated ACSLIB to create its new layers with continuous lines.

    Modify AIFPADS routine to check for pad type or number
    fixes the ability of Wirebond to connect wires using an AIF file which just has finger numbers and no pad type.

    Support Swift v1.x finger format
    We've modified Wirebond so that it works correctly with packages that are tagged using SWIFT's BFTA or LFID. This will enable users of wirebond who previously used SWIFT to use existing "smart" drawings. [requested by Xilinx]

    Version 2.04 Jan 18, 2000

    Fixed Installation
    This version fixed the installation to include the required .tec file. Previous versions did not include the tec file. Import GDS and Die_Clean would not run.

    Version 2.02 Jan. 4, 2000

    Import GDSII
    1) Fixed GDSFILT ssn problem.
    2) Prompt user to start NEW drawing

    1) Changed dialog to be clearer
    2) Remember dialog values between each display
    3) Made Pin #1 marker clearer by an arrow and label
    4) Start Pin #1 marker at left top
    5) Save AIF file name same as DIE name
    6) Made completion message to user clearer (we could also display the AIF file)

    Smart WireBond
    1) Implemented wire diameter

    Wire DRC
    1) Changed shortest/longest markers to S and L
    2) Removed shortest/longest options from dialog
    3) Moved and resized legend so that it does not interfere with the drawing

    About Wirebond
    1) Added About dialog

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