August 4, 1995

Artwork Adds RS274X Support to ASM 500/501/502 for Windows

Version 5.23 of Artwork's DXF to Gerber translator family now supports RS274X format. This applies to both the DXF to Gerber translator and to the Gerber viewing program. Designers of both PC boards and RF/analog artwork will appreciate the ability to deliver RS274X to their mask and board shop. What's equally important is that our GBRVU program lets you view and plot 274X exactly as the photoplotter will create the film - a feature that is not available from any other DXF to Gerber translator.

What is 274X?

RS274X is an extension to the standard "Gerber RS274D" that solves several important limitations in the standard Gerber data:

For more details about RS274X click here

Price and Availability

ASM 500/501/502 are available for Windows 3.1/Windows 95 and Windows NT. The programs are written in 32 bit code on NT. They cost $2000/$995/$495 respectively. To arrange a demonstration click here to send us an email.

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