Flexlm USB Key Drivers on Windows 10

Updated 12-18-2020

We recently ran into a problem using a Flexlm USB license key (dongle) on Windows 10 to secure our applications.

Upon inserting the USB key into the computer and running lmtools.exe (the 11.14 version 64 bit) we were able to see the USB key's serial number. We naturally assumed that Windows 10 either natively supported the USB key or it had somehow downloaded and installed the appropriate key driver.

Flex Type 9 USB dongle (Key)

We then installed one of our older applications (built using MS Studio 2008) and it licensed correctly using the USB key.

We followed by installing a more recent application (built with Microsoft Studio 2015). When we got to the licensing step, the installation program reported successful licensing -- however upon running the program we got a licensing error


This did not seem to make any sense. What went wrong?


We are not entirely sure what is going on. Why do some applications see the USB key correctly and others don't?

You can find instructions on this page: Download and Install Flexera ID-9 Drivers for Windows.