QISLIb_MT Revision History

This page contains notes on the release history and revisions made to QISLib_MT. QISLib_MT's initial release is "embedded" inside an application/library called clipextract. Clipextract also embeds QISBool and acsRasterLib in order to convert data extracted by QISLib_MT into useful output products such as GDSII and TIFF.

QISMClipextract v2.09 Windows/Linux 2/20/2018

Visual Studio Sample Code

This release includes a sample Visual Studio solution for a customer to demonstrate the use of QisMLib and QisMClipExtract for extracting images.

QISMClipextract v2.08 Windows/Linux 1/23/2018

C++ Only version

QISMClipextract contains new structure of the install folders with more examples. No C# code in this release.

Clipextract v2.07 Windows 11/5/2017

Load Function Update

This version fixes a bug in the file load function which caused it to crash after the load function was called a certain number of times.

Clipextract v2.06 Windows 09/08/2017

Updated clipextract_cs.exe

In this new package, the sample C# program (clipextract_cs.exe) now supports the -lsynth option to generate clips of polygons using layer operations.

Clipextract v2.05 Windows 08/01/2017

Incorrect Clips due to Rounding Error

This version fixes a bug that caused rounding error when converting floating point values to integer resulting in output co-ordinate values such 69999 instead of 70000.

New Installation Folders and Examples

Upon installation, there will be a new folder called 'qismlib_cs Source' which contains the source code and a Visual Studio 2008 .NET project to build qismlib_cs.dll. When you build this project, it will make a copy of the new qislib_cs.dll and qismlib_cs.xml to the installation directory so that it is ready for use.

There will also be a new folder 'CS Sample' which contains the source code and VC# 2008 project to build a sample application that uses qismlib_cs.dll - When you build the project, a copy of clipextract_cs.exe will be created in the installation directory so that it is ready for use.

In 'Example Files', there is a new batch file 'extract-demo-cs.bat' which provides a sample run of this new C# based exe. To see all the command-line options of clipextract_cs.exe, Please run clipextract_cs.exe -h. Please be aware that there are some slight differences in the command-line syntax between clipextract64.exe and clipextract_cs.exe.

Clipextract v2.04 Windows 08/01/2017

New Features

Multiple file support in QisMLib. The software creates each instance of the file using IQisMLib.Load_file(..) and destroys it using IQisMLib.Unload_file(..)
New C# interface in form of qismlib_cs.dll - The documentation for the C# API can be found in VC# Object browser when qismlib_cs.dll is added as a reference.

Clipextract v1.001 Windows 09/06/2016

Initial Windows Release

We now have a Windows 64 version of clipextract (including, of course, the underlying libraries: QISLib_MT, QISBool, acsRasterFmt

Clipextract v1.00.1 Linux 08/31/2016

Bug Fix Parsing Window File on Command Line

Failed to read window files (@window:CWH:) where the first line was commented out (expecting width, height). Now, the very first valid line is read as width,height.

QISLIB v2.94.1 Linux64 08/23/2016

Initial Release on Linux

The QISLib_MT has been released as a part of a sample application called Clip Extract v1.00.

product IDs for licensing are:

    Clip Extract - 31209 (licenses all libraries at run time)

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