Importing Net/Node from AIF

When doing an package analysis it is important to be able to identify each net and at least two points on the net -- the starting point and the ending point. Nets in an IC package are identified by:

    a netname -- (i.e. clock, IO55, vcc, vss ... however if the package is being analyzed independent of a placed chip there may be no netnames.)

    a starting point -- where the device connects to the package. This is either a bond finger if wirebonds are used or a bump pad if the device is a flip chip. Bondfingers are usually numbered 1,2,3 ...

    an ending point - this is the ball pad on the bottom of the package. This is usually labeled with a JEDEC label such as A4, B22, AA15

If a design has been done in a tool such as Cadence APD or Sigrity's UPD, then an AIF file can be exported that contains exactly the information needed to label both nets and ports.

package net from bond finger to ball pad


For more information about the AIF file format please go to our page: The AIF Format - Die and Package Database Format


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