The NETEX-G Job File

The NETEX-G engine manager reads an ASCII file called a job file which we will refer to as the njb file. This file contains most of the information that NETEX-G needs in order to compute and write out the geometries and nets. If you are writing an application program that calls the netexgmgr, then you must produce a correct .njb file. This set of pages documents the contents and syntax.

How the Job File is Organized

The original njb syntax was defined by a legacy software starting in the early 1990's. As more capabilities were added to NETEX-G, the number of required sections grew and unfortunately had to adhere to the original structure.

There are multiple sections within the job file. Each section provides a certain type of information used by the program. The sections are marked with a beginning and a end of section keyword. To view details on a section click on its begin header in the list below and you will jump to a page describing that section.

B_LAYERS         <-- layer stackup [required]

B_LAYER_INPUT    <-- directory/filename of a Gerber file for each conductor layer in the stackup.
E_LAYER_INPUT        [required]

B_SILHOUETTE     <-- used to define board outline 
E_SILHOUETTE         [optional]

B_COMP_INPUT     <-- directory/filename of a Gerber file representing the top or bottom component layer.
E_COMP_INPUT         [optional]

B_AUX_PROPS      <-- Properties of special layers: soldermask, solder paste and silkscreen.
E_AUX_PROPS          [optional]

B_AUXOUT         <-- directory/filename of Gerber representing solder mask, solder paste and silk screen 
E_AUXOUT             [optional]    

B_WIREMODELS     <-- wire models and parameters [optional]

B_DIEINFO        <-- die outline and thickness [optional]

B_WIRES          <-- wires segregated by tiers [optional]

B_DRILL          <-- directory/file of gerber files 
E_DRILL              representing drills  [required]

B_SHAPES         <-- encapsulates shapes for components, board profile and pins. 

  B_PROFILE        <-- board profile. How does this differ from SILOUHETTE 
  E_PROFILE            [optional]

  B_COMP_SHAPES      <-- encapsulates component body and attribute definitions

     B_COMP_DEF      <-- if the design includes components, the shape and attribute
     E_COMP_DEF          of each would be defined here. [OPTIONAL]


  B_PIN_SHAPES       <-- if components pins present, the shapes of each pin is defined here.

    B_SHAPE              beginning of a shape definition
    E_SHAPE              end of a shape definition.


B_NETS           <-- net labels with coordinate 
E_NETS               and stackup position [optional]

B_NODES          <-- port/pin labels with coordinate 
E_NODES              and stackup position [optional]

B_COMP_LIB       <-- description of each component 
E_COMP_LIB           similar to a library[optional]

B_EXPANSION      <-- expansion parameter for proximity 
E_EXPANSION          net computation [optional]

B_EXTRACT        <-- net extraction directives [optional]

B_VIASIZE        <-- entities on via layer larger than this 
E_VIASIZE            value are ignored [optional]

B_SETTINGS       <-- conversion settings [required]

Any lines within the job file that are not embedded in a valid section are ignored by the netexmgr.


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