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Improved STEP PCB Model - Optimized for FEA

May 13, 2016

Shows our latest STEP output with: hollow vias and user controlled plating thickness, "negative" dielectric between conductor bodies on the conductor plane and via "chunks" converted into a single via solid body. The results are quite well optimized for meshing and FEA.

Enhancements to STEP Output for FEA/Mesher

December 23, 2015

After receiving advice from our customers, we have made some very significant enhancments in our STEP output to improve it as a source for FEA based simulators. We now offer two versions of STEP output - one for FFF (form, fit and function) applications such as building test fixtures, and a second output for FEA (Finite Element Analysis) which has much stricter requirements for successful meshing.

From Allegro to 3Di to STEP to AutoDesk Inventor

September 8, 2014

Artwork has a Allegro plug-in called AWROut that runs inside of Allegro and enables the user to select all or part of a layout and export the results as 3Di. We can then convert that 3Di into STEP and import the STEP into AutoDesk Inventor.

Note: since this video was produced, the STEP output has been modified to make it more useful for FEA based meshers and simulators.

ODB++ to STEP for import into Ansys Maxwell

October 10, 2014

In this video we start with an ODB++ file of a PCB, convert it into 3Di using NETEX-G, and then convert the 3Di into STEP. [Note: since this video was made we have revised our STEP output to make it more useful for FEA simulators.]


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