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The ASM 500 Family consists of a translator between AutoCAD's DXF file format and Gerber photo plotter code. Also included is a reverse translator from Gerber to DXF and a powerful Gerber viewer and plotter. Three versions are available with different feature sets and price points.

DXF to Gerber Flow

ASM 501W

low cost version for PCBs. Includes DXF to Gerber, Gerber to DXF and GBRVU. An extraordinary value!

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ASM 502W

general purpose: supports PCBs and is a favorite among designers of hybrids, RF circuits, microwave circuits and analog circuits.

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ASM 500W

all features of ASM 501 and 502 plus line linking and boundary creation.

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Application Notes

Drawing PCBs with AutoCAD

This application note suggests guidelines on how to best set up and use AutoCAD to draw good PCB layouts that will translate correctly with ASM 500.

Creating Islands with Paint and Scratch

A short video tutorial on drawing technique and layer setup...