AutoCAD DXF Output from NETEX-G

Netex-G can write out a an AutoCAD file in DXF format. The following applies:

  • All entities are zero width closed polylines. Node labels are text.

  • All polylines that are members of a net are aggregated into a block whose name is the net name.

  • Each stackup layer in the NETEX-G input becomes a layer in AutoCAD. This is strictly a 2D AutoCAD file. You can get a 3D AutoCAD file but must use the NETEX-IN module that reads the NETEX ASCII file and creates 3D solids in AutoCAD. NETEX-IN is a VB application that runs inside of AutoCAD 2000/2001/2002.

The AutoCAD DXF output can be used for many different purposes including documentation and transfer to other tools.

AutoCAD view of a PBGA output from NETEX-G

AutoCAD display from NETEX-G's DXF output.


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