QckRip was developed to rasterize GDSII layout data that normally contains a large amount of repetitive data such as redistribution layers on wafers, arrays of micro-circuits and such. It allows the user to define a number of transformations on the input data -- this can be used to align existing features to the bitmap; it is also useful if the image must be slightly distorted to account for substrate stretching or deformation.

Speed and Size

QckRip is extremely fast and is intended to support applications where the features are very small and the image area is quite large. For example, it has routinely been used with DPI in the range of 50,800 covering an image area of 500 x 600 mm.

QckRip Flow


QckRip includes the following transformations:


Bitmap Tiling

A single extremely large output bitmap is rarely useful. QckRip can be programmed to produce:

    manually defined output tiles

    auto definition of output tiles

    tile overlap in X and in Y


QckRip is a 64 Windows Application. Recommended Hardware:

    Intel 4 core CPU (i5 or i7)

    3.4 GHZ or better

    8-16 GB RAM



Related Tools

VLBV - Very Large Bitmap Viewer

Useful for viewing, measuring and overlaying very large monochrome and gray scale files.

Centroid Finder

For acquiring center coordinates of "hole" data where there is no vertex to snap to.

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