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Qckvu3 is Artwork's third generation layout viewer supporting GDSII and OASIS layout databases. It benefits from almost 20 years of our experience in providing layout viewers for the IC industry.



  Large File Support - Qckvu3 loads only the quad tree into memory which means it can handle very large files in a limited memory footprint. Details   Fast Pan and Zoom - Qckvu3's quad tree architecture produces very fast Pan and Zoom for even the largest layout files.
  Modern GUI - Qckvu3's new GUI gives the user finer control over window position, size and toolbars. The color palette has been greatly extended.   OASIS Support - Qckvu3 can read the new OASIS file format which is coming into more widespread usage as databases get larger.
  Custom Plug Ins - Qckvu3's plug-in manager allows users to write their own custom functions. A powerful C++ API gives the user fine grained control over display and the ability to read in or extract data from Qckvu.   32/64 bit Versions - we offer both 32 bit Qckvu3/W and a 64 bit version that can support very large layout files since one has access to much more RAM.

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