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GBR2GREYSCALE is a raster image processor designed to convert the Gerber photo plotter format (RS274X) into a greyscale TIFF bitmap for use by image writers and machine vision and inspection equipment (AOI). It is similar to Artwork's GBR_RIP but includes several special features that are not a part of GBR_RIP.

gbr2greyscale RIP flow

These include:

Executable or Library

GBR2GREYSCALE is available as either an executable (controlled by a command line interface) or as a library in DLL format. This gives OEMs who wish to integrate the RIP into their own software maximum flexibility.

Command Line Syntax

The gbr2greyscale RIP executable is controlled by a command line using the following syntax:


                    [additional arguments]

[Additional Arguments]

======= Bitmap Options ===================

-bmp                                Output BMP file format

-pack                               Output TIFF Packbits file

-tiff                               Output uncompressed TIFF file

-inverse                            Inverse output polarity

-no_header                          Remove output header

-dpi:<dblval>                       Dots per inch (default: 1024)

-dpm:<dblval>                       Dots per mm

====== Sizing, Scaling, Options ==========

-scale:X[,Y]                        Scale along X and Y (values can be different to achieve different DPI for each axis)

-shrink:<dblval>                    Edge Shrink value (default: 0.0)

-unit:<inch|mm>                     argument units (default: inch)

====== Windowning Controls ===============

-window:<LLx,LLy,URx,URy>           Window extent

-aw:<left,right,bottom,top>         auto extents w. user specified margins

====== Program Control Options ==========

-silent                             Disable popup messages

-keeptmp                            Keep temporary files

-dirtydata[: 1 | 2 ]                Process as if input is ill conditioned. (can be set via ACS_DIRTYDATA environment variable)

-thrnum:N                           number of concurrent threads

-ram:<intval>                       Buffer Size MB (default: 256)

-warning                            Output Gerber Union warnings to log file

-scanonly                           returns data extents into a window

-bandsize:<w>,<h>                   Band(tile) width and height in pixels

-bandoverlap:<x>,<y>                Band(tile) overlap in pixels

-gbrargs: < >                       arguments passed directly to the Gerber Union engine
 -thrnum:<intval>                   number of concurrent threads for the sizing engine
                                    overrides value on gbr2greyscale thrnum argument.

-ripargs: < >                       arguments passed directly to the RIP engine
 -thrnum:<intval>                   number of concurrent threads for the RIP
                                    limited to max of 4

-tiffargs: < >                      arguments passed directly to the tiff formatter
-erraswarn                          When set, dropped polygons will not cause the program 
                                    to fail.
-nowarn                             This option excludes conditioning warning (warning 
                                    messages from our split274x call) messages in the 
                                    log file. Errors will still appear in the log file.

-norip                              Does not create any RIP output and reports the image 
                                    info in the log file. 
========== Geometry Controls ===========================                            

-chord_error:<dblval>               Chord error value

-circularize:<dblval>               after Boolean, recover arcs using
                                    the value supplied as the tolerance.

-rotate:<dblval>                    Rotate

-mirror:<x|y>                       Mirror output
-margin:value                       Rip margin

-scale:value                        Rip scale

========= Preprocessing Controls =======================

-nosplit                            suppresses both input file validation and
                                    G36/G37 shape compensation.

-nosplitshrink                      performs input file validation but suppresses 
                                    G36/G37 shape compensation.

-conditioning_retry:<num>           enables multiple passes of polygon "fixing" at the 
                                    front end for especially "dirty" input data such as those
                                    with multiple vertices at the same coordinate. Do not use 
                                    unless needed. A reasonable starting value for <num> = 2.

======= Greyscale Controls ==============================                          
-super:<2|4|8|16>                   Super Sampling (default: 0)

-threshold:<intval,intval,intval>   Values in percent (grey scale)

====== Dither Controls ===================================

-dither[2|4|8]<:comma separted list of table values>