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InkRaster is a second generation Gerber rasterizer optimized for inkjet printing of photo-resist, soldermask, silkscreen and other chemically milled applications. Inkjets have some unique bitmap requirements that differ considerably from a straight rasterizer used for laser or other optical equipment. After working closely with a number of inkjet manufacturers Artwork has released InkRaster to address these unique requirements.

Industrial Inkjet Printer; Image courtesy of Meyer Burger

Industrial Inkjet Printer - Image courtesy of Meyer Burger


Droplet Compensation

InkRaster compensates for the diameter of the ink droplet - failure to do so results in lines that are too wide and gaps that are too small. Details

Ink Coverage Control

Inkraster can control the ink density both along the periphery of each boundary and separately, within the interior of the boundary. This is useful for applications with high DPI relative to the droplet diameter. Details

Narrow Line Recovery

The droplet compensation can cause narrow lines (relative to droplet diameter) to disappear. This function detects such disappearing lines and recovers them. Ideal for applications where the line widths that need to be printed relative to droplet diameter are small. Details

Independent X,Y DPI

Inkjets can run at different resolutions along X and Y because one axis is controlled by the frequency of the droplet ejection. InkRaster supports differing DPI in X and Y to support this type of setup. Details

Transformations and Windowing

InkRaster includes controls for selection windows and for transformations such as rotate, mirror, scale (independent X and Y) and adding margins to the bitmap. Details

Executable or Library

InkRaster is available either as an executable or in a library format -- this gives our OEM partners maximum flexibility in integrating the RIP into their software.

Library API | Command Line Sytnax | GUI

Reversals, Margins and Borders

Explains how to reverse data (for chem milling) as well as the definitions of extents, margins and borders. Details