The Title Border Template

The title border template is a typical title drawing with special "intelligent" features added to it. These include:

Scaling Frame

The frame is a rectangular zero width closed polyline on a layer called: frame. It is used to scale the template so that it fits nicely around the bond wire drawing. This layer can be turned off and does not affect the appearance of the final drawing.

The package is always drawn at 1:1 scale. The title border is scaled appropriately so that it fits nicely around the frame.



Text Variables

Wirebond uses a search-and-replace routine to find special strings of text and to replace them with the correct string of text for this design. By editing only the string, we maintain the location, justification, style and size of the text.

Text variables for Sheet 1 always begin with 1_ followed by the variable name. For example, if you have a variable called TITLE then you would place the string 1_TITLE where you want the drawing title to appear.

Variables for sheets 2...N begin with N_. This enables Wirebond to easily support a different sheet 1 title border than the rest of the sheets.

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