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Qckvu3 is Artwork's third generation GDSII viewer supporting GDSII and OASIS layout databases. It benefits from our 20 years of experience in providing layout viewers for the IC industry. We offer Qckvu3 on Linux and Windows.

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Large File Support - Qckvu3 loads only the quad tree into memory which means it can handle very large files in a limited memory footprint.

Fault Identification - Qckvu3's NetTrace option together with branch identification speeds up a yield engineer's ability to identify the source of hotspots and faults ...

Custom Plug Ins - Qckvu3's plug-in API allows users to write their own custom functions. A C++ API gives the user fine grained control over display and the ability to read in or extract data from Qckvu.

OASIS Support - Qckvu3 can read the new OASIS file format which is coming into more widespread usage as databases get larger.

Opening Large Files Quickly - very large files take a long time to open. This can be helped by processing the file offline and then loading the memory cache file ...

Layer and Cell Filtering - Qckvu3 now has input filters for layers and cells allowing it to open just the "interesting" layers and cells of large files ...

Launching Qckvu3 from a .NET Application - Got a .NET application that needs to open a GDSII or OASIS file and acquire some data? Here's how to do it.