ACADto3Di is 3D modeler for IC packages that have been "drawn" inside of AutoCAD. It enables any package designer to create a 3D model from a simple bond document. Once converted to the 3Di format, the package can be viewed in 3D and the wires can have a full 3D DRC performed.

The 3D database is produced by extruding 2D elements: zero width closed polylines and circles can be used to define conductors and substrates and polylines with width can be used to define wires.

close up view showing conductors, wires, vias and solder balls.


Custom Wire Models

ACADto3Di supports user defined custom wire models.

This allows designers and assembly engineers to more accurately model the extreme wire profiles needed today for stacked die and MCM's.

3D view of wires and die substrate


3D Viewing and 3D DRC

Viewing and DRC are handled by Artwork's 3DVU program and its DRC module. This DRC does in three dimensions what conventional tools do in two dimensions. Wire to Wire spacing, Wire to Substrate and Wire to Metal spacing can be measured and flagged if out of spec.

Hardware/Software Requirements

ACADto3Di runs inside of AutoCAD (full version, not AutoCAD LT) and supports versions 2004 through 2008 of AutoCAD. We recommend Windows XP. For the 3DVU program, which runs independently of AutoCAD we recommend a reasonably good graphics card that has OpenGL support. Most graphics cards supplied with desktop machines include OpenGL support but some laptops which use integrated graphics on the motherboard have only very slow OpenGL emulation and are not recommended.

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