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No IC package gets assembled without a bond wire drawing for the factory. Generating and checking this drawing is often a bottleneck in the package manufacturing process.

Artwork has developed the BONDGEN program to speed up and simplify the generation of bond wire documentation.

BONDGEN has been designed specifically to produce an AutoCAD DWG file that is OLP compatible (Off Line Programming) with wire bonders from Kulicke and Soffa, ESEC, ASM and Kaijo. For manually programmed wire bonders, BONDGEN creates a multi page print with each tier of wires clearly defined.


Direct Connection to Cadence APD/SIP

Package designers using Cadence's Advanced Package Designer can directly interface to BONDGEN using a SKILL based interface that writes out the AIF file format. Embedded in the AIF file is the location and number and size of each die pad and each finger. Ring geometry is also included. Using the data from the AIF file Bondgen creates an AutoCAD drawing. The drawing positions the wires to the exact coordinates from the APD design database.

Both UPD (formerly Encore BGA) and Cadence APD now include AIF Export as a standard feature.

direct link to Cadence APD/SIP


Bondgen labels the fingers showing the finger number and JEDEC ball it is attached to. This is one of the most time consuming aspects of creating a bond wire drawing. Many package layout tools have limited ability to do this type of labeling./

bond finger labels

Summary Data

Bondgen calculates total wire length, max and minimum wire lengths; information crucial to the assembly engineer.

summary totals

Sorting Wires by Tiers

Bondgen can sort out wires and segregate each "tier" onto its own AutoCAD layer. This is required for OLP compatibility.

Wire DRC

Bondgen checks the spacing, length and angle of every wire against the design rules. Errors are flagged for review.

Automatic Title Border/Annotation

Bondgen can take your completed drawing, drop in a title border, and help you fill out the fields in seconds. Easily customizable to your company's requirements.

Auto Plotting

Bondgen helps you automatically generate the plotting sheets you need for your released package.

Extraction of Data

Bondgen can take extract useful information such as the list of balls that go to power and ground nets or the longest and shortest wire lengths...

Bondgen's Tec File Format

Describes the syntax and contents of Bondgen's tec file format used to specify layers, colors....